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AVC Technical Services offers everything that a business looks for in IT solutions. You can pick between managed computer support, remote support, antivirus, firewall, cloud data backup, computer repair, website design, website hosting, video productions, live streaming of events to YouTube or social media and so much more. We are LEADS and HIPPA certified and insured. Read through our website to see more details or give us a call!

Network Services
AVC Technical Services can help you get back on track fast with our reliable and highly experienced business computer support staff.
Web Design
Our team of experts have many years of experience in professional marketing and award winning website design.
Social Media Services

Help reach thousands of people that meet incredibly specific targeting criteria… the types of people that are your potential customers.

Video Productions
AVC Technical Services offers affordable videotaping, live internet streaming and DVD production services.

Things you had no idea AVC Tech can do for you!

You already know us as a leading local IT, PC repair, website design and technical services… but did you know:

AVC Technical Services offers high-quality video production services for a variety of needs, including website videos, TV commercials, company training videos, meetings, and events. Our team is experienced in producing HD resolution videos at affordable prices, ensuring your message is communicated effectively.

In addition, we offer web video live streaming services, allowing you to stream your event in real-time across various social media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. We also provide archiving services to enable on-demand viewing after the event.

Are you looking for a consistent and effective branding strategy? Our team of experts can help design logos and graphics that align with your company’s branding and advertising goals. Let us assist you in sending a consistent message across all platforms.


CompTIA Security+ certification Technician on staff! This certifications means we have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform core security functions required of any cybersecurity role for your business or organization. CompTIA Security+ professionals know how to identify and address potential threats, attacks and vulnerabilities and they have established techniques in risk management, risk mitigation, threat management and intrusion detection. Contact us to help better secure your computers and networks and give you peace of mind.

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